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We have compiled the following resources for the benefit of all those working in the field of health and ageing. If you have any ideas on additional information you think would be useful, please let us know by emailing us at wacha@uwa.edu.au.

The Alzheimer's Disease Fact Sheet

This fact sheet shows the importance of research for addressing this challenging - disease - in improving the lives of ordinary Australians and reducing the costs of healthcare. It also shows the excellent research being undertaken in Australia by groups including WACHA.

Alzheimer's disease is a significant concern for the general public.

Dementia in Residential Care: Education Intervention Trial (DIRECT)

Residential facility care staff possess a great deal of compassion, commitment and energy which they direct towards the task of caring for their residents. DIRECT is an educational package designed especially for aged care facilities staff to assist them with practical solutions, techniques and information to care for residents with dementia and ultimately improve the quality of life of residents with dementia.

To access DIRECT abbreviated lesson plans please contact wacha@uwa.edu.au

  • Learn how to better manage challenging situations by implementing new techniques
  • Promote change in your workplace
  • Unleash your individual creativity

TOrCCh - a systematic facilitated change process that focuses on supporting staff teams to achieve changes in practice. Our research shows that when staff feel engaged in the process, they own the change.

We all see things in practice that we would like to change, something we would like to do better or improve. How can you get staff working together on a project that they will own so that they can see the benefits and enjoy being involved?

TOrCCh can help your team work through change, step by step.

TOrCCh can be linked to a continuous improvement cycle (CI activity) and compliments the accreditation process. Everyone can be involved – it works best if someone from each department is involved.

✔ Staff development
✔ Increased teamwork
✔ Personal development
✔ Implementation of project
✔ Increased job satisfaction
✔ Improvements in practice

What is included?
  1. A comprehensive Guide for Team Leaders (content for running workgroups and how to run them)
  2. A concise guide for members of the group (tools and tips)
  3. A description of all the roles and how to make a group successful
  4. Tools to help the groups work effectively
  5. Additional resources & references
  6. A simple feedback process.

It is simple and it is fun AND your staff and your organisation will really see results.

Contact and Feedback

Please contact us wacha@uwa.edu.au with any queries. We would also love to receive feedback using our online survey, or via email to wacha@uwa.edu.au.

  Guide toolkit templates: The following additional toolkit resources are available for download: Additional templates References

Concept mapping and dementia