Western Australian Centre for Health and Ageing (WACHA)



We have compiled the following resources for the benefit of all those working in the field of health and ageing. If you have any ideas on additional information you think would be useful, please let us know by emailing us at wacha@uwa.edu.au.

The Alzheimer's Disease Fact Sheet

This fact sheet shows the importance of research for addressing this challenging - disease - in improving the lives of ordinary Australians and reducing the costs of healthcare. It also shows the excellent research being undertaken in Australia by groups including WACHA.

Alzheimer's disease is a significant concern for the general public.

Dementia in Residential Care: Education Intervention Trial (DIRECT)

Residential facility care staff possess a great deal of compassion, commitment and energy which they direct towards the task of caring for their residents. DIRECT is an educational package designed especially for aged care facilities staff to assist them with practical solutions, techniques and information to care for residents with dementia and ultimately improve the quality of life of residents with dementia.

To access DIRECT abbreviated lesson plans please contact wacha@uwa.edu.au

  • Learn how to better manage challenging situations by implementing new techniques
  • Promote change in your workplace
  • Unleash your individual creativity